41 Interesting Facts about Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville is a city located in the northeastern part of Florida, United States. With a population of over 900,000 people, Jacksonville is the most populous city in Florida and the 12th most populous in the United States. The city has a diverse economy, with major industries including healthcare, finance, logistics, and tourism. Jacksonville is also home to the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars, who play their home games at TIAA Bank Field.

Jacksonville is also known for its beautiful beaches and waterfront areas, including the Jacksonville Beach Pier, which offers stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean. Other popular attractions in the city include the Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens, the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens, and the historic Kingsley Plantation.  With its rich history, natural beauty, and wide range of attractions, Jacksonville is a popular destination for tourists and a great place to live for those who appreciate the mix of urban and natural environments.

Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville, Florida

Do you want to know more about Jacksonville? Here’s 41 interesting facts about Jacksonville, Florida:

  1. Jacksonville is the largest city by area in the contiguous United States, covering over 840 square miles.
  2. The city was named after Andrew Jackson, the seventh President of the United States.
  3. The St. Johns River runs through Jacksonville and is one of the few major rivers in the United States that flows north.
  4. Jacksonville is home to one of the largest urban park systems in the country, with over 80,000 acres of parks and recreational areas.
  5. The city is home to the largest naval base in the United States, Naval Station Mayport.
  6. The Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens is home to over 2,000 animals and is a popular tourist attraction.
  7. The University of North Florida is located in Jacksonville and is one of the largest universities in the state.
  8. The Jacksonville Landing was a popular shopping and entertainment complex that closed in 2019 after over 30 years of operation.
  9. The Museum of Science and History in Jacksonville has a planetarium, a science theater, and many interactive exhibits.
  10. The Florida Theatre in downtown Jacksonville is a historic theater that has hosted many famous musicians and performers over the years.
  11. The Treaty Oak is a 250-year-old oak tree in Jacksonville that is a popular destination for tourists.
  12. The Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum in Jacksonville is home to many rare and historic documents, including a copy of the Gettysburg Address.
  13. The Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens is a popular art museum in Jacksonville that features a beautiful garden and many works of art.
  14. The Ritz Theatre and Museum in Jacksonville is a historic theater that showcases the city’s African American history and culture.
  15. The Jacksonville Arboretum and Gardens is a 120-acre nature preserve that is home to many native Florida plants and animals.
  16. The Jacksonville Beach Pier is a popular destination for fishing and offers stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean.
  17. The Riverside Arts Market is a weekly open-air market in Jacksonville that features local artists, musicians, and vendors.
  18. The Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra is a respected orchestra that hosts many concerts and events throughout the year.
  19. The Jacksonville Transportation Authority operates a monorail system known as the Skyway that connects downtown Jacksonville with nearby neighborhoods.
  20. The Kingsley Plantation is a historic plantation in Jacksonville that dates back to the early 1800s.
  21. The Jacksonville Fire Museum is a museum that showcases the history of firefighting in the city.
  22. The Catty Shack Ranch Wildlife Sanctuary in Jacksonville is home to many big cats, including tigers, lions, and leopards.
  23. The St. Johns Town Center is a popular outdoor shopping mall in Jacksonville that features many high-end retailers and restaurants.
  24. The Beaches Museum and History Park in Jacksonville Beach showcases the history of the area’s beaches and has many interactive exhibits.
  25. The Friendship Fountain in Jacksonville is a beautiful fountain that is lit up at night.
  26. The Jacksonville Landing was the site of a mass shooting in 2018 that left three people dead.
  27. The city has a thriving craft beer scene, with many local breweries and beer festivals throughout the year.
  28. The Jacksonville Sharks is an indoor football team that plays their home games at the VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena.
  29. The Riverside Avondale Historic District in Jacksonville is home to many beautiful historic homes and buildings
  30. The city has a rich cultural heritage, with many festivals and events throughout the year celebrating the city’s diverse communities, including the World of Nations Celebration and the Jacksonville Jazz Festival.
  31. The Jacksonville Landing used to host the annual Fourth of July fireworks show, which was a popular event for locals and visitors alike.
  32. The city is home to several major hospitals, including Mayo Clinic Jacksonville and Baptist Medical Center.
  33. Jacksonville was the site of the first Thanksgiving Day game in the NFL, played between the Detroit Lions and the Dallas Cowboys in 1995.
  34. The city has a large military presence, with several military installations located in and around the area.
  35. The Jacksonville Beaches is a popular destination for surfing, with several surf shops and surf schools located in the area.
  36. The Jacksonville Suns were a minor league baseball team that played their home games at the Baseball Grounds of Jacksonville before the team was disbanded in 2016.
  37. The city has a strong maritime industry, with the Port of Jacksonville being one of the busiest ports in the United States.
  38. The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office is the largest police department in the state of Florida.
  39. The city has hosted several major sporting events over the years, including the Super Bowl in 2005 and the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament in 2006.
  40. The Jacksonville Landing used to be home to a statue of Andrew Jackson, which was controversial due to the former president’s history with Native American communities.
  41. The city has a vibrant theater scene, with several theaters and performing arts centers located throughout the area.

Jacksonville is a popular destination for tourists and can get crowded during peak travel times, such as spring break and the summer months. However, with careful planning and research, a trip to Jacksonville can be a fun and enjoyable experience.



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