37 Interesting Facts about Sacramento, California

Sacramento is the capital city of the U.S. state of California, located in the northern part of the Central Valley. It has a population of around 500,000 people and is known for its diverse culture, history, and attractions. The city has a Mediterranean climate with hot summers and mild winters, making it a great destination to visit year-round.

One of the main attractions in Sacramento is the California State Capitol, a beautiful building that houses the state’s government. Visitors can take guided tours of the building, which include the historic rooms and art collection. Another must-see attraction is the Old Sacramento State Historic Park, which features preserved buildings from the city’s Gold Rush era and offers a glimpse into its past.

Foodies will enjoy the many dining options in Sacramento, which offers a blend of international cuisines and local specialties. The city is particularly known for its farm-to-table dining scene, with many restaurants sourcing their ingredients from the surrounding farms and vineyards. Additionally, the city is home to several craft breweries and wineries, offering visitors a chance to sample some of California’s finest beverages. For outdoor enthusiasts, Sacramento has several parks and natural areas to explore, including the American River Parkway and the Sacramento River. These areas offer opportunities for hiking, biking, and water activities, such as rafting and kayaking.

Capitol of California in Sacramento

Capitol of California in Sacramento

What about Sacramento interesting facts? Let’s take a look at 37 interesting facts about Sacramento.

  1. The city was named after the Sacramento River, which flows through it.
  2. Sacramento is the sixth-largest city in California.
  3. Sacramento was founded in 1839 by John Sutter, a Swiss immigrant who established a trading post there.
  4. Sacramento was a major hub for the California Gold Rush of 1849, which brought thousands of people to the city.
  5. The Pony Express, a mail delivery service that operated in the mid-1800s, had its headquarters in Sacramento.
  6. Sacramento was once a major center for agriculture and remains an important agricultural region today.
  7. The Tower Bridge in Sacramento is a vertical-lift bridge that spans the Sacramento River.
  8. Sacramento is home to the oldest public art museum west of the Mississippi River, the Crocker Art Museum.
  9. The California State Railroad Museum in Sacramento is the largest railroad museum in the United States.
  10. Sacramento is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the United States.
  11. The Sacramento Kings, a professional basketball team, play at the Golden 1 Center in downtown Sacramento.
  12. The Sacramento River Cats, a minor league baseball team, play at Sutter Health Park in West Sacramento.
  13. The Sacramento International Airport is located 10 miles northwest of downtown Sacramento.
  14. The California State Fair is held annually in Sacramento at the Cal Expo Fairgrounds.
  15. The Sacramento Zoo is home to more than 400 animals, including tigers, giraffes, and monkeys.
  16. The Sacramento Regional Transit District operates buses and light rail trains in the city.
  17. The Crocker-Kingsley Art Competition, held annually in Sacramento, is one of the oldest and most prestigious art competitions in the United States.
  18. Sacramento is the sunniest month of July, with an average of 14 hours of sunlight per day.
  19. The Old Sacramento Historic District features many historic buildings from the city’s Gold Rush era.
  20. The Sacramento River is the longest river in California and stretches over 400 miles.
  21. The California State University, Sacramento is located in the city and has an enrollment of over 30,000 students.
  22. The California State Library in Sacramento is the oldest continuously operating library in the state.
  23. Sacramento is home to many parks and recreational areas, including William Land Park and McKinley Park.
  24. The Sacramento City Unified School District is the eleventh largest school district in California.
  25. The Sacramento River is a popular destination for boating and fishing.
  26. The Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta is a vast network of waterways and is an important source of water for California’s agricultural industry.
  27. The Tower Theatre in Sacramento is a historic movie theater that has been in operation since 1938.
  28. The California State Indian Museum in Sacramento features exhibits on the history and culture of California’s indigenous people.
  29. Sacramento has a Mediterranean climate with hot summers and mild winters.
  30. The city is known for its farm-to-table dining scene and many restaurants source their ingredients from local farms and vineyards.
  31. The Sacramento Convention Center hosts many events and conventions throughout the year.
  32. The Sacramento Valley Station is a major transportation hub and serves Amtrak trains and buses.
  33. The city is known for its many bike trails and was named a “Platinum-level Bicycle Friendly Community” by the League of American Bicyclists in 2018.
  34. The Sacramento Bee is the city’s largest newspaper and has been in publication since 1857.
  35. The historic Delta King riverboat, which once served as a passenger vessel on the Sacramento River, is now a floating hotel and restaurant.
  36. The Crocker-Riverside neighborhood in Sacramento is home to many historic and architecturally significant homes.
  37. The Sacramento area is home to many wineries and vineyards, and is known for its production of Zinfandel and other varietals.

Sacramento is a unique and dynamic city with a rich history, thriving culture, and many attractions that make it a great destination to visit or call home. Whether you’re interested in learning about the city’s past, enjoying farm-to-table cuisine and local wine, exploring the great outdoors, or experiencing the vibrant arts and culture scene, Sacramento has something to offer for everyone.

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