35 Interesting Facts about Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore is a major city located in the state of Maryland, in the eastern United States. It is situated on the Chesapeake Bay, a large estuary that serves as a key economic and cultural resource for the region.¬†One of the key features of Baltimore is its rich history, which is reflected in its many historic sites and landmarks. The city was founded in 1729 and played an important role in the American Revolution, the War of 1812, and the Civil War. Visitors to Baltimore can explore many of these historical sites, including Fort McHenry, which played a pivotal role in the War of 1812, and the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum, which showcases the city’s important role in the development of the US railroad system.

Another important feature of Baltimore is its diverse cultural scene, which includes world-class museums, theaters, and music venues. The Baltimore Museum of Art is one of the city’s premier cultural institutions, featuring a wide range of contemporary and historical art. The city is also home to the Maryland Science Center, which offers hands-on exhibits and activities for visitors of all ages. Additionally, Baltimore has a thriving music scene, with many local venues hosting concerts and events throughout the year.

Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore, Maryland

Let’s talk more about Baltimore interesting facts to give us more knowledge about this city.

  1. Baltimore is the largest city in the state of Maryland and the 30th largest in the United States.
  2. The city was founded in 1729 and was named after Lord Baltimore, the founder of Maryland.
  3. Baltimore is located on the Patapsco River, which flows into the Chesapeake Bay.
  4. The Inner Harbor is a major tourist attraction in Baltimore and is home to many restaurants, shops, and museums.
  5. Fort McHenry, located in Baltimore, is the site where the national anthem, “The Star-Spangled Banner,” was written by Francis Scott Key during the War of 1812.
  6. The Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, the first commercial railroad in the United States, was founded in Baltimore in 1827.
  7. Baltimore is home to Johns Hopkins University, a prestigious research university that is consistently ranked among the top 20 universities in the United States.
  8. Edgar Allan Poe, the famous writer, lived and worked in Baltimore for several years.
  9. Babe Ruth, the legendary baseball player, was born and raised in Baltimore.
  10. The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra is one of the oldest in the United States and has performed with many famous musicians, including Yo-Yo Ma and Itzhak Perlman.
  11. The first dental school in the world was established in Baltimore in 1840.
  12. Baltimore has the third oldest zoo in the United States, the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore, which was founded in 1876.
  13. The world’s first telegraph line was built between Washington, D.C. and Baltimore in 1844.
  14. The National Aquarium in Baltimore is one of the largest and most visited aquariums in the United States.
  15. The first umbrella factory in the United States was founded in Baltimore in 1828.
  16. The Bromo Seltzer Tower, a historic landmark in Baltimore, was once the tallest building in the city.
  17. The Johns Hopkins Hospital, located in Baltimore, is consistently ranked among the top hospitals in the United States.
  18. The Maryland Institute College of Art, located in Baltimore, is one of the oldest art schools in the United States.
  19. The H.L. Mencken House, located in Baltimore, was the home of the famous journalist and critic for many years.
  20. The Pimlico Race Course, located in Baltimore, is home to the Preakness Stakes, one of the three races that make up the Triple Crown of horse racing.
  21. The B&O Railroad Museum, located in Baltimore, has one of the largest collections of locomotives and rolling stock in the United States.
  22. The USS Constellation, a historic naval vessel, is docked in Baltimore and is open to visitors.
  23. The city is home to many famous seafood dishes, including crab cakes and steamed blue crabs.
  24. The Walters Art Museum in Baltimore has a collection of over 35,000 objects from around the world, including ancient Egyptian artifacts and Renaissance paintings.
  25. The Enoch Pratt Free Library in Baltimore is one of the oldest free public libraries in the United States.
  26. The Great Blacks in Wax Museum in Baltimore is the first museum dedicated to African American history and culture.
  27. The Baltimore Orioles, a Major League Baseball team, were founded in 1901 and have won three World Series championships.
  28. The National Great Blacks in Wax Museum is the first wax museum in the United States that is dedicated to African American history and culture.
  29. The National Federation of the Blind, a leading advocacy organization for the blind, is headquartered in Baltimore.
  30. The Baltimore Museum of Art has one of the largest collections of Henri Matisse’s artwork in the world.
  31. The American Visionary Art Museum, located in Baltimore, showcases the work of self-taught artists and is one of the most unique art museums in the world.
  32. The Port of Baltimore is one of the busiest in the United States and is a major hub for shipping and transportation.
  33. The Baltimore City College is the third oldest public high school in the United States.
  34. The Baltimore City Paper, a weekly alternative newspaper, was published in Baltimore from 1977 to 2017.
  35. The Baltimore Museum of Industry showcases the city’s industrial history and includes exhibits on printing, steel-making, and other industries.

Despite its many attractions, Baltimore also faces a number of challenges, including high levels of poverty, crime, and social inequality. The city has made significant strides in recent years to address these issues, with initiatives focused on improving education, reducing crime, and revitalizing neighborhoods. As a result, Baltimore remains an important and vibrant city with much to offer visitors and residents alike.

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