10 Interesting Facts about Zermatt

Interesting Facts about Zermatt inform the readers with a municipality located in Switzerland. The region is housed in the canton of Valais famous for their German speaking communities. Zermatt is a home to 5,800 residents. You need to have a full of energy to explore Zermatt for it sits at the foot of the highest peak in Switzerland. The town sits at the height of 5,310 feet to 1,620 meter. Let us find out other interesting facts about Zermatt below:

Interesting Facts about Zermatt 1: the famous attractions

Many people like to come to Zermatt for they want to enjoy the ski resorts as well as the mountaineering activities in the Swiss Alps.

interesting facts about zermatt

interesting facts about zermatt

Interesting Facts about Zermatt 2: agriculture

The agricultural activity was spotted in the region until the mid-19th century. Today, it is mostly known due to the impressive tourism.

Interesting Facts about Zermatt 3: the tourist facilities

Many tourist facilities have been constructed in Zermatt due to the tragic ascent of the Matterhorn in 1865.

zermatt pictures

zermatt pictures

Interesting Facts about Zermatt 4: the primary source of economy

The people who live in Zermatt relay their source of economy mostly from tourism. More than 50 percent of all jobs in the town are related to the restaurants and hotels.

Interesting Facts about Zermatt 5: the yearly population

The yearly population of Zermatt is around 5,759 people based on the record in 2015. The people who were born in Zermatt occupied one third of the permanent population.

Interesting Facts about Zermatt 6: the starting point

When the visitors are interested to hike into the mountains, they have to reach Zermatt for the town is considered as the starting point.

Interesting Facts about Zermatt 7: the transportation

During the summer season, the chair lifts and cable cars will carry the hikers. When the winter season comes, they will take the skiers.

zermatt image

zermatt image

Interesting Facts about Zermatt 8: the highest destination

The Klein Matterhorn is considered as the highest destination of the chair lifts and cable cars for it has the height of 12,740 feet or 3,883 meter.

Interesting Facts about Zermatt 9: crossing Italy

You have to reach the Cervinia cable car station if you are interested to cross Italy from the town.

zermatt facts

zermatt facts

Interesting Facts about Zermatt 10: Best of the Alps

Best of the Alps is the famous community in Switzerland, which has amazing tourism industry. The community consists of Zermatt and other 11 towns.

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