10 Interesting Facts about Zeolite

The mineral applied for the commercial catalysts and adsorbents is explained on Interesting Facts about Zeolite. Axel Fredrik Cronstedt was the mineralogist from Sweden who coined the word Zeolite for the first time in 1756. At that time, Cronstedt worked with stilbite by heating the material. Finally, he discovered that the material adsorbed the large amount of steam produced by the water. Let us get other interesting facts about Zeolite below:

Interesting Facts about Zeolite 1: the term

After the discovery, Cronstedt called the material zeolite.  The word zeo means to boil, while the word lithos means stone. The word was taken from Greek.

interesting facts about zeolite

interesting facts about zeolite

Interesting Facts about Zeolite 2: the presence of Zeolite

The large amount production of Zeolite is spotted in various industries in the world. Actually, this mineral can be found in the natural state.

Interesting Facts about Zeolite 3: the number of Zeolite frameworks

There are at least 40 types of natural Zeolite frameworks. People also discovered at least 229 unique Zeolite frameworks as of July 2015.

zeolite facts

zeolite facts

Interesting Facts about Zeolite 4: the common mineral Zeolite

The stilbite, chabazite, analcime, natrolite, heulandites, clinoptilolite and phillipsite are some examples of common mineral Zeolite.

Interesting Facts about Zeolite 5: the formation of Zeolite

The reaction of alkaline groundwater with ash layers and volcanic rocks will produce the Zeolite naturally.

Interesting Facts about Zeolite 6: the purity

Most Zeolites found in the nature are not pure. The other Zeolite, quartz, metal and minerals are contaminated the natural Zeolite.

Interesting Facts about Zeolite 7: the commercial application

The purity and uniformity of Zeolite are very vital during the commercial applications. Therefore, the industries decide not to use the natural Zeolite.

zeolite form

zeolite form

Interesting Facts about Zeolite 8: the amount of production of Zeolite

The amount of natural Zeolite produced in the world reaches 3 million tonnes as of 2016.

Interesting Facts about Zeolite 9: the top producers of Zeolite

China took the record as the top producer of Zeolite in 2010 with 2 million tonnes. Other top producers behind China include South Korea, Japan, Jordan, Turkey, Slovakia and US.



Interesting Facts about Zeolite 10: the usages

There are various usages of Zeolite. It can be found in softening, commercial water purification, sorbents, and catalysts. During the hydrocracking and fluid catalytic cracking, Zeolite is often used as the catalysts by the petrochemical industry.

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