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10 Interesting Facts about Zee Edgell

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Those who love with novels should check Interesting Facts about Zee Edgell. This American writer was born in Belize on 21st October 1940.  Kent State University appointed her as the associate professor of English. Edgell has four published novels in the market. She is known more as Zee Edgell. Her full name actually is Zelma I. Edgell. Let us find out other interesting facts about Edgell in the following post below:

Interesting Facts about Zee Edgell 1: the early life

The birthplace of Edgell was located in Belize City, Belize.  For her early education, she studied in Belize City at St. Catherine Academy.

belize city

belize city

Interesting Facts about Zee Edgell 2: the higher education

Edgell pursued higher education after she graduated from the academy. She was enrolled at Polytechnic of Central London. She decided to focus on journalism. Then Edgell attended University of the West Indies.

Interesting Facts about Zee Edgell 3: after graduation

After she graduated from the university, Edgell decided to become a journalist. Do you know the Reporter was established by Edgell? She served as the editor.

the festival of san joaquin

the festival of san joaquin

Interesting Facts about Zee Edgell 4: living in different places

Edgell had a life in different places in the world where she was involved in the Peace Corps and development organizations. She had lived in Somalia, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Nigeria and Jamaica.

Interesting Facts about Zee Edgell 5: at Kent State University

One of the major honors that Edgell received was when she was selected as the associate professor at Kent State University for the English department.  Edgell taught literature and creative writing.

Interesting Facts about Zee Edgell 6: other major positions

Edgell also served as lecturer for University College of Belize. In the government of Belize, she also plays an important role as the director of the women’s affairs.

Interesting Facts about Zee Edgell 7: the international activities

The activities of Edgell are not limited in United States and Belize. She also gives book reading in her international tours.

kent state university

kent state university

Interesting Facts about Zee Edgell 8: the personal life

Her husband is Al Edgell. He is an American educator. The couple has two kids, Holly and Randall.

Interesting Facts about Zee Edgell 9: the status in Belize

In Belize, Edgell is always considered as a major contemporary author.

Interesting Facts about Zee Edgell 10: the novels

In 1982, her first novel was published. The title is Beka Lamb. In 1991, she published In Times Like These. In 1997, another novel The Festival of San Joaquin was published. The story centered on the woman accused for killing her husband.

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