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10 Interesting Facts about Zappos

Written By: Henry on October 4, 2016 No Comment

Are you intrigued by some interesting facts about Zappos? This company is one of the most famous online stores in the United States. Regardless its popularity, only a few people know about the details. I hope you enjoy it.

Interesting Facts about Zappos 1: the Founding

It was Nick Swinmurn. He founded Zappos in 1999. He got the inspiration from his failure in finding Airwalks at a local mall. Later, he visited Alfred Lin and Tony Hsieh with the idea to sell products on the internet.

Interesting Facts about Zappos 2: Development of Zappos

The company grows bigger over time. In 2001, they were able to increase their yearly sales well. The profits grew more satisfyingly for the next few years. In 2004, they received their first venture capital from Sequoia.

zappos logo

zappos logo

Interesting Facts about Zappos 3: Unique Management Style

Zappos applies a unique management style. Do you know there are no managers or titles in Zappos? The work is managed around particular tasks. There are only lead links. These are responsible for delegating and managing tasks.

Interesting Facts about Zappos 4: the Hacking Incident

There was a hacking incident in 2012. The system was cracked by hackers. There was more than 20 million of customers’ information stolen. The bad became worse. There was a claim that the company didn’t provide ample protection to the customers.

Tony Hsieh founder and CEO

Tony Hsieh founder and CEO

Interesting Facts about Zappos 5: the Headquarters

In 2013, the company moved their HQ to Las Vegas. Zappos spent much money for both renovations and improvements. The leaders considered Vegas as more vibrant and profitable due to vast clientele and the number of casinos and the gambling fans out there. While the company not just concentrates on the physical casino institutions but also are aiming to profit off of the online gamers, like the people who read Vietbet Sportsbook review and play the game for it’s fun and interesting features. The office becomes more comfortable and fun now.

Interesting Facts about Zappos 6: Zappos’ Products

There are numerous types of products. Zappos provide different varieties of shoes and accessories. There are also numerous brands like ALDO, Nike, and much more. Not to mention all the products come at reasonable prices.

Zappos Fulfillment Center

Zappos Fulfillment Center

Interesting Facts about Zappos 7: Excellent Services

Not only Zappos offer great products, but they also provide excellent customer services. Each month, the company receives more than 4,000 calls and 1,000 emails. In fact, the call times are limitless.

Interesting Facts about Zappos 8: Fun Recruitement

The CEO said that if a talented or smart person doesn’t manage to join the company, the reason could be unique. It could be as simple as this man wasn’t nice to the driver of Zappos shuttle bus on the way to the office.

zappos former headquarters

zappos former headquarters

Interesting Facts about Zappos 9: Social Media Fever

Tony Hsieh, the CEO, encourages the use of social media networks to engage more with customers. This has been an unsaid rule in the marketing industry because people and brands use alternative ways of marketing and have been doing so, for decades. It’s considered as the most efficient way to reach customers.

Interesting Facts about Zappos 10: the Holacracy

Zappos applies the Holacracy system. It is a fun management method. It rarely rejects ideas from the employees and often motivates them using quotes about AI, blockchain technology. The decisions also become employees’ thing.

Zappos Cubicles

Zappos Cubicles

Zappos has gone through many things. Still, the company grows over time. They also have a unique management system. All of these interesting facts about Zappos have given you a better insight into this company, haven’t they?

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