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10 Interesting Facts about Zadar Croatia

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Are you into interesting facts about Zadar Croatia? Zadar is the oldest city in Croatia. It is fun to learn about this unique town. The city actually serves as the Zadar Country seat. What are the other remarkable facts?

Interesting Facts about Zadar Croatia 1: the Etymology of Zadar

According to history, Zadar came from ancient times. Back then, people called it Iader. The name evolved over time due to a hydrographical factor. It was also called Jadra in Dalmatian language. Later, it changed to Croatian name, Zadar.

Interesting Facts about Zadar Croatia 2: the Geographical Condition

Zadar is located near to Pasman and Ugljan islands. Both the islands and the city are separated by a strait. In the past, a deep moat separated the old city of Zadar from the mainland. The government decided to fill the moat, fortunately.

Zadar Croatia Map

Zadar Croatia Map

Interesting Facts about Zadar Croatia 3: the Climate

The city has a mixture of Mediterranean and subtropical climate. It also has wet and mild winters. When it comes to the summer season, Zadar is very warm. The hottest months are between July-August. Once, the temperature reached 97 degrees Fahrenheit.

Interesting Facts about Zadar Croatia 4: the Development of Zadar

Zadar has been a populated city since ancient times. There’s even evidence of the late Stone Age human presence. There were also many settlements during the Neolithic era. In the past, there were many ancient Mediterranean people.

Zadar Croatia from Above

Zadar Croatia from Above

Interesting Facts about Zadar Croatia 5: the Uniqueness

The native people in Zadar were recognized as great merchants and sailors. In fact, there were also notorious for their piracy. The city was also famous for trading activities. Thanks to its geographical location. The city grew into a trading center.

Interesting Facts about Zadar Croatia 6: Zadar in the middle Ages

There was the Migration Era. Zadar also underwent the Barbarian conquests. It was a stagnant era for this town. There were also the invasions of the Huns. The middle Ages were the darkest moment for this town.

Zadar Beach

Zadar Beach

Interesting Facts about Zadar Croatia 7: Zadar and Italy

Zadar was once under the control of Italy. It was due to an invasion by Italian military forces. They took over Dalmatia in 1918. At that time, Italy chose Admiral Enrico Millo as the Dalmatia governor. The reign lasted long.

Interesting Facts about Zadar Croatia 8: the World War II

Allies attacked Zadar fiercely using their bombs. Actually, Zadar became one of the starting towns of the raid. The Axis Powers’ main target was the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. Due to continuous attacks from Italy and Germany, Yugoslavia surrendered.

Zadar Croatia at Night

Zadar Croatia at Night

Interesting Facts about Zadar Croatia 9: the War of Independence

The Croatian war of independence began in 1991. It lasted for 4 years. Thanks to it. Zadar became a part of the Croatian Republic. However, it suffers lots of economy issues due to shadowy government and the war.

Interesting Facts about Zadar Croatia 10: the Architecture

Zadar is also famous for its architecture. Mostly, the influence came from Roman times. Today, there are many gates, towers, and city walls. There are also some monasteries and churches in the old town.

Beautiful Zadar Croatia

Beautiful Zadar Croatia

Croatia has many beautiful cities. Zadar becomes one of the best cities in this nation. You have learned much information about it from the interesting facts about Zadar Croatia, haven’t you?

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