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10 Interesting Facts about Zacatecas

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It is fun to learn interesting facts about Zacatecas. Not all people know this city. Zacatecas is located in central Mexico. It is near to Aguascalientes. Apart from its beauty, you need to know more about it. Here is the list of facts about Zacatecas. Enjoy!

Facts about Zacatecas 1:  the Temperature

Mostly, the territory has a dry and cool climate. The south part of Zacatecas is moister, though. The rain is likely to fall in June-September. There is an area called Salado. It is situated in the northeast of part of the city. It is known as the coldest and driest area in Zacatecas.

Facts about Zacatecas 2: Geographic Condition

The altitude of Zacatecas is regular. There are three major geographical regions. These include Madre Oriental, Mexican Plateau, and the Sierra Madre Occidental. The rest of the areas are mostly a flat land.

Zacatecas Map

Zacatecas Map

Facts about Zacatecas 3: Ecological Richness

There are hares, deer, and wild boar in Sierras. Zacatecas also has quails, badgers, and coyote in the valleys. The best location to witness ecological richness is in the Chihuahuan Desert. It is the home of cacti and numerous animals.

Facts about Zacatecas 4: the Profile of Zacatecas

Zacatecas has the meaning of the land of the grass. In the past, people were used to wandering and hunt. Most of them lived near to Guadiana Rivers, Graceros, and Suchil. Today, there are many archeological sites related to those people.

Street in Zacatecas

Street in Zacatecas

Facts about Zacatecas 5: the Vegetation

The type of vegetation depends on relief and temperature. There are grasslands, scrubs, and forests. Many species of cactus are available in some dry areas. There are some types of trees as well. These include Parkinsonia, ironwood, holm oak, pine, and mesquite.

Facts about Zacatecas 6: Santo Domingo

There is a famous Jesuit church in Zacatecas. The name is Santo Domingo. It has a beautiful architecture. Today, it becomes a tourist center. The government made it into a fine art museum. It has big towers and dome.

Facts about Zacatecas 7: the Economic Sector

Zacatecas is famous for its mining. In fact, it becomes the most significant sector of the state. There are numerous products like zinc, silver, gold, lead, copper. Approximately, there are 15 mining areas in Zacatecas.

Facts about Zacatecas 8: the State Festivals

Zacatecas has many festivals. Most of them are to commemorate the native patron saints. The festivals consist of Mexicapan and other traditional dances. There are also other cultural events like concerts, bullfighting, horse racing, and much more.

Zacatecas from Above

Zacatecas from Above

Facts about Zacatecas 9: the Population in Zacatecas

There are more than 1,500,000 people in this state. Most of them live in urban areas. That means the rest of them live in rural areas. These people are dominantly Roman Catholic. Also, indigenous language isn’t popular here.

Facts about Zacatecas 10: the Rivers around Zacatecas

Zacatecas don’t have major rivers within the state. Actually, it belongs to 2 basins. The waterways are only active during the rainy seasons. There are also 20 hydraulic zones. Most people use them for agricultural necessities.

a Building in Zacatecas

a Building in Zacatecas

Even though Zacatecas isn’t quite popular among tourists, it is considered one of the most beautiful states in Mexico. Those interesting facts about Zacatecas will give you a better insight into the state. Don’t you think so?

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